United States tightened restrictions to export to Russia

США ужесточили ограничения для экспорта в Россию

The United States authorities introduced with effect from 29 June tightened export restrictions against Russia. A notification was posted in the Federal register – the collection of official documents of the American government – in April, the decision came into force 60 days after publication.

Referred to in the document, the Bureau of industry and security U.S. Department of Commerce responsible for export control, the requirements for the issuance of licenses for the export of American products and legal entities in Russia and China and Venezuela.

The new rule extends the interpretation of the concept of “military use”. Now under this definition fall all the goods, purchase of which helps the development and creation of military products. In addition to this expanding list of products, for which exports to China, Russia and Venezuela will require a license. It, in particular, included various hardware and software to operate nuclear reactors, semiconductor devices, measuring equipment and other materials which in the opinion of the American authorities, can be used for military purposes.

“Some organizations in China, Russia and Venezuela tried to circumvent us export regulation and undermine American interests in General, so we will remain vigilant to ensure that the U.S. technology does not fall into the wrong hands,” Commerce Minister Wilbur Ross, quoted by the press service of the Ministry.

The document also tightens the requirements for the issuance of licenses for the export of American products of dual and military use in China. Greater attention “to the assessment of end-users in China”, according to the Department, required because of “the widespread merging of the civilian and military sectors in China.” It is alleged that the decision was taken in order “to support national security and foreign policy objectives of the United States.”

The document notes that in respect of Russia and Venezuela, similar requirements were introduced in 2014. As specifies a press-service of the Ministry of Commerce, changes in China made in order to “to extend the restrictions on military end-users in all three countries.” Still American company could supply various categories of goods military structures of China, if these materials are not intended for use for military purposes. Now in this case they will have to obtain a special license.

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