Unkempt beard and tangled hair: Nagiev became homeless

Неухоженная борода и запутанные волосы: Нагиев стал бомжом

The actor will continue to appear in various television projects.

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Appearance Dmitry Nagiyev has changed dramatically: he had an unkempt beard and tangled hair attached to the hat. As the journalists point, the artist became homeless, however, these changes occurred due to participation in symco one of the old television projects.

According to “the Source. ru”, makeup artists and painters were inspired by the image of Tom Hanks in the film “Rogue” and decided to make a homeless actor. To do this, he glued untidy and unkempt beard with double-sided tape. Instead of the usual hair on the head Nagiyev will be the dreadlocks, which the artists sewed to the hat.

We will remind that not so long ago, the media reported that famous actor and showman, who carefully hides his personal life, living in two families at once.