Unknown facts about 8 March: how protest became International women’s day

Неизвестные факты о 8 марта: как акция протеста стала Международным женским днем

Today in Ukraine celebrate international women’s day. However, around March 8 periodically flare up the discussion, he even wanted to cancel. What is this holiday and how it started.

In 1857 in new York workers of the textile industry took to the streets of Manhattan, demanding higher wages, better working conditions and equality between men and women. The rally was dispersed by the police, but 50 years later, the situation repeated itself. Now the accuracy of this fact many question or doubt, because in the press of those times was no mention of the rally, and March 8, 1857 was a Sunday.

There is a version, is quite scandalous that in this day protested not tekstiili, and women of easy virtue. They are required to pay wages to the sailors, who have used their services, but could pay.

In 1910 the women’s mass demonstrations were held throughout the United States, and in Copenhagen hosted an international conference of women socialists. There the initiative was taken by the Communist Clara Zetkin, an active defender of women’s rights. It is believed that it was at her suggestion at a Conference in Copenhagen has decided to annually celebrate the Day of solidarity of women in the struggle for political, economic, social rights.

At the Conference, which was attended by over 100 women representing 17 countries decided to choose a specific day to draw public attention to this problem. The resolution, proposed by Clara Zetkin, in particular:

“In keeping with the class-conscious political labor organizations of the proletariat in every country of the socialists of all countries annually on Women’s day, which primarily serves the agitation for women’s suffrage. This requirement should be put forward as an integral part of all women’s issues generally and in full compliance with socialist views. Women’s day should be everywhere to give an international character, and everywhere he must be thoroughly prepared.”

The date was not chosen, and so in 1911 the first international women’s day in many European countries celebrated March 19. German women selected this date because on 19 March 1848, Prussia faced with the threat of an armed uprising promised to carry out reforms – including the introduction of women’s suffrage.

There is another version of celebrating women’s day is March 8. According to this version, Zetkin wanted to relate the story of the women’s socialist movement with the history of the Jewish people. A well-known legend that the beloved Persian king Xerxes named Esther, using her charms on him, saved the people of the Jews from extermination. According to legend, this happened on the day of 13 Adar on the Jewish calendar, and this day was celebrated as the feast of Purim. The date for the celebration of Purim in the Jewish religious calendar moving, but in 1910 it fell on 8 March.

The date 8 March was proposed by the German Elena Sochi on the eve of the First world war.

In the USSR, March 8 became an official holiday only in 1965, before that it was a normal working day. There was a tradition: every year politicians accountable to the people about what changes have occurred in state policy toward women.

In 1977, the Soviet Union proposed the UN to enter the Day of struggle for women’s rights in all countries, supported the proposal. On 16 December 1977, the UN General Assembly in its resolution 32/142 called upon all States to proclaim, in accordance with their historical and national traditions any day of the year as the International day of women’s rights and peace, to create favorable conditions for the elimination of discrimination against women and for their full and equal involvement in social development. This decision was taken after International women’s year (1975) and the UN Decade for women (1976-1985), which was previously proclaimed by the General Assembly.

Today is officially March 8 is celebrated only in the CIS countries and in some others, such as China, North Korea, Angola, Cambodia, Laos, Macedonia, Nepal. Them on March 8 is a day?. In some States, this day is off are exclusively women. Other countries continue to work, but this does not mean that they do not react on international women’s day.