Unknown “Lada”, which was supposed to compete with the “brand” (photo)

Неизвестные "Лады", которые должны были конкурировать с "Таврией" (фото)

Few people know that at the end of 1980-ies of “AVTOVAZ” would like to release a small four-seater car corresponds approximately with the ZAZ-1102 “Tavria”. Was created two concept (Lada and Lada Gnome Elf), but they are in mass production and did not go.

Initially, young professionals Vase created based on a shortened platform of “Oka” the concept Lada Gnome with the landing formula 2+2. He bumper, front panel and part of the frame was detachable.

“Gnom” equipped with an engine power of 28 HP or 30 HP Motor working together with a 4-speed manual transmission. Acceleration to 100 km/h takes 30 seconds with a maximum speed of 120 km/h.

“AvtoVAZ” in the beginning wanted to produce annually 10,000 cars Lada Gnome, but then abandoned its serial production. Why is not entirely clear. Probably, this project just didn’t have the money.

On the basis of Lada Gnome built a two-seater Lada Elf. It is also not launched into serial production, but he managed to loudly declare itself. In 1992, he took part in the race of electric cars, which was held in Monte Carlo.

“Elf” had a range of 110 km (at a speed of 40 km/h). The maximum speed reached 90 km/h.

Неизвестные "Лады", которые должны были конкурировать с "Таврией" (фото)

Неизвестные "Лады", которые должны были конкурировать с "Таврией" (фото)