UNL presented a new website with convenient features

УНЛ презентовала новый сайт с удобным функционалом

The company “Ukrainian national Lottery” national lottery operator, has launched its new website.

Unl.ua developed by the Studio Stearling already available to users. The updated website received not only a modern appearance but also has expanded its functionality practical solutions.

“Every day tens of thousands of Ukrainians play a in loved from a young age, lottery from UNL. Now to play and choose your lucky numbers has become much easier. The Studio had the task to develop concise website, without further details, the design of which reflects the quality and transparency of our work” – said General Director of the UNL Andrei Bochkov.

Simple logic and minimalism of the website complemented by a unique arrangement of blocks. Intuitively, each visitor can get to the necessary page. Despite the large amount of information and content, the website looks light and unobtrusive.

“The main purpose of the new website was, and remains, convenience and satisfaction of the players. Each step of interaction with the UNL site were studied based primarily on the desires and optimal user experience” – said Andrei Bochkov.

To separate the “chips” of the new site include a new private office with broad functionality; registered players, the system will remind about the presence of untested and unpaid tickets; increased the limit of the sum of the draws on the ticket, which the player can get on personal balance; easy access to all the functions of the website with additional menu; simplified registration system for new players; portable and adaptable version of the mobile website, which will help you to conveniently buy tickets from their mobile devices; the ability to load mobile website on your phone and work in the temporary absence of the Internet; a range of advanced payment for Deposit and payment of balance.

Also available on the website innovation, which many were waiting for – the ability to track the order status in the personal account.

“The proposed solution effectively implements the principles of safety; a friendly ticketing and transparent system of payment of winnings. While working on the site were taken into account all the latest trends of web design and development”. – said Bochkovsky.

On the website you can purchase a well known lotteries from UNL, such as: “Super Loto”, “KENO”, “Loto Troyka” and “Maxim”. Also available instant online lottery. This year is expected the completion of the Internet site with new offers for customers UNL.

The company noted that UNL conducts legal business and fully complies with the requirements of the legislation of Ukraine. In 2018 operator of the national lottery “Ukrainian national Lottery” has confirmed its compliance with the principles of the European Association of Lotteries and Toto, receiving the end of 2018 a certificate. Membership in the Association may, if the lottery operator implements in its activities the program “Responsible gaming” is a complex of measures aimed at the protection of players and the population from the negative risks of excessive play. Earlier UNL already has received the certificate on compliance with the principles of responsible gaming from the world lottery Association.

The program provides for cooperation with relevant medical institutions in the field of combating dependency, training of the personnel rules of safe play and use them when working with clients, and conducting research and informing the public about the risks of the development of gaming addiction prevention. The principles for Responsible game determines that lottery operators must take measures to prevent problem gambling. The Responsible gaming program is divided into 11 sections. Each of them is aimed at curbing gambling addiction and search for problems with dependencies.

This practice is widespread among European and world operators of the national lottery. The results of the program “Responsible gaming” is estimated by independent auditors and then reviewed by representatives of the European Association of Lotteries. Membership in the Association confirms the use of UNL to the generally accepted European and world standards of carrying out of lotteries, understanding and implementation of best practices and examples of application of these standards, following the latest regulatory requirements of the European legislation.

УНЛ презентовала новый сайт с удобным функционалом

УНЛ презентовала новый сайт с удобным функционалом