Unloading in the port of Odessa arrived first in the history of Ukraine the party of oil from the U.S.

На выгрузку в порт Одессы прибыла первая в истории Украины партия нефти из США

On the morning of 6 July to the port of Odessa was set flying the Hong Kong flag tanker Wisdom Venture with the first in Ukrainian history consignment of American oil in the amount of 75 thousand tons. About it reports a press-service of the port.

Vessel with a length of 237 meters wound up in the harbour, two tugs, and the discharge of oil may take 36 hours, said representatives of the port.

On 2 July the Argus reported that the spot party light crude oil of the Bakken, the US acquired company “Ukrtatnafta”. The pipeline from Odessa raw material must be received by the company-owned Kremenchug refinery.

Traders predict that the will be purchased by another party of American oil Bakken, with delivery to Odessa in August.

Oil field the Bakken is located on the territory of the American States North Dakota and Montana and canadian provinces of Saskatchewan and Manitoba. In 2000-ies there started active production of oil from oil shale (shale oil) using an inclined-horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing.

According to forecasts, in July, expected oil production in the United States from seven key shale formations in July will increase by about 70 thousand barrels per day, to a record high of 8.52 million barrels a day. Production in North Dakota and Montana shale basin Bakken will increase by 11 thousand barrels per day.