Unmanned air taxi EHang help to fight coronavirus

Unmanned aerial vehicles vertical take off and landing of the Chinese company EHang will help the medical staff of hezhou to fight the epidemic.

On the eve of the air taxi company took part in the exercise to combat the spread of coronavirus, organized by the authorities of the city district Hezhou, in Guangxi province.


Drone EHang 216 cargo modification successfully delivered medical supplies to the landing pad of the local hospital, located four kilometers from the starting point, and automatically returned.

During the second test strategy Director of the company Edward Hsu sat in the passenger version EHang 216 and made the 4-mile flight from downtown to the roof of the hospital. In exactly the same way a drone can be used for transporting staff in case of emergency.

Беспилотные аэротакси EHang помогают бороться с коронавирусом

Беспилотные аэротакси EHang помогают бороться с коронавирусом

Air taxis will help to transport patients within Hezhou

According to the company’s management, the reserve air taxis corresponds to the radius of Hezhou (15 km), but cruising speed is 90 km/h. Also, the copter can fly at night.

Refers to double passenger drone EHang 216 pairs with eight rotors and eight motors and a weight of 340 kg. the load Capacity of the device is 140 kg. the Company has already conducted a series of tests in China, Austria and the United States, and was about to start the service commercial air taxi in Guangzhou. Clients included EHang tourist and medical companies.

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