Unprotected sex increases joint pain – the doctors

Незащищенный секс усиливает боли в суставах - врачи

Doctors from the program “Live healthy!” on the First channel spoke about the causes of pain in the joints. As it turned out, one of the factors, influencing the joints, is unprotected sexual intercourse.

Dmitry Shubin, a Board-certified neurologist, noted that joint pain can worsen when three conditions – overweight, Smoking and unprotected sex. As it turned out, through intercourse can be transmitted disease that aggressively affect the functioning of the joints. Elena Malysheva said that a person suffering from joint pain, first thing you need to do sports.

However, before you visit a gym you should consult the doctor to work through the training program. Without training a sport may have a negative impact on the joints. In addition, it is necessary to abandon bad habits and unprotected sex.