Unregister Zelensky tried nine times

Отменить регистрацию Зеленского пытались девять раз

The representative of the electoral headquarters of Vladimir Zelensky, Alexander Kornienko Sunday, April 21, stated that to cancel his registration as a presidential candidate tried nine times, UNIAN reports.

Responding to a question about a court session on the suit of the election observer from the public organization Ukrainian Association of shareholders of Andrei Khilko, Kornienko said that “it was already the 9th his claim to us.”

“The situation itself, it was the eve of the voting day in the evening and the information space has already been more or less free from news – in our opinion, that is what has caused this increased attention to this 9th claim.

Because the remaining 8 lawsuits he lost. He also demanded cancellation of the registration that just cannot be done”, – said the representative of the headquarters Zelensky.

So, according to Kornienko, his colleagues yesterday took the position that all this “nonsense”. “The person involved… We don’t know what are his motives to do it, but for sure there is little legal motives,” stated the coordinator of Secomandi.

As reported, on the night of 21 April Sixth appellate administrative court of Kyiv dismissed the claim of Khilko cancellation Zelensky as a presidential candidate.