Unsuccessful operation: Eyeball women resembles a sliced pizza

Неудачная операция: Глазное яблоко женщины напоминает порезанную пиццу

The doctors noticed a strange picture on the eyeball 41-year-old woman during a recent survey.

At first glance, the image in the photo resembles a sliced pizza. But it’s actually a photo of women’s eyes, according to a recent article in the press.

Upon closer examination the doctors found 16 incisions on the cornea of the patient transparent dome shaped surface that covers the front part of the eye. These cuts were the result of the operation on the eye called radial keratotomy, which the woman moved 23 years ago to correct his nearsighted vision. Although this operation is no longer used, according to experts, she was quite popular, sravnitel, nedavnee: in the 1980s and 1990s.

During the procedure, doctors make radial incisions on the cornea, whereby the cornea becomes more flat, while in turn, improves vision. However, the procedure is associated with several complications.

In an article published in the Medical journal New England, researchers led by Dr. Muralidhara Ramapo wrote: “the Imposition of excessive radial cuts or incisions can lead to decreased visual acuity, and corneal scarring associated with the appearance of lens flare and ghosting”.

Fortunately, the woman seems to have not had any of these symptoms, and after a six-month follow-up visit she had not found any problems.