“Until the end of the world has less than 5 days”: a Parade of planets and Nibiru will destroy the Earth with a powerful earthquake scientist

A massive earthquake has already begun – on the eve of the tremors were felt in France. The last such alignment of the planets caused fluctuations in 8,8 points, but this because of the “critical geometry” of the planets, the consequences can be much worse, said the researcher.

From 7 to 13 December, the Earth is waiting for the strongest period of seismic activity. About this on its website said a Dutch analyst of planetary geometry Frank Hoogerbeets. The scientist says about the strongest earthquake that will literally shake the whole planet.

According to Herbits, a powerful earthquake, the Earth will break the alignment. Analysts believe that in the period from December 7 to 13, the Earth, Mars and Saturn will line up in one line. Also in the parade will be Nibiru, which is allegedly located within our Solar system. Key role in power earthquakes will play the position of the moon. According to experts, the tremors may have the strength of 8 points.

Hoogerbeets sure that the first warning about the impending disaster mankind has received. The analyst cites the example of the earthquake at 7.6 points, which occurred on Wednesday off the coast of New Caledonia in France.

At least until the supposed end of the world and allegedly left 5 days, but most of all the Land will be vulnerable to it by December 10. Hoogerbeets believes that affected dozens of countries and hundreds of thousands of people.


«До конца света осталось 5 дней»: Парад планет и Нибиру разорвёт Землю мощнейшим землетрясением - учёный

Black hole at the center of the milky Way can cause the Earth to evaporate – the scientists

Sagittarius a* can absorb our planet and the entire Solar system, but because of the process of the Big Freeze all black holes of the Universe would just evaporate. In the second version of the Earth forever.

In their study, the analyst considers the critical position of the moon in 2012, when off the coast of Sumatra had a very strong earthquake. At the same time a “critical geometry” will create and the other planets of the Solar system. He also worries about the mythical Nibiru, because in recent times, there are many independent studies confirming its presence nearby.

Such an alignment has in the past caused the earthquake force in 8,8 points. At the same time because of Planet X aftershock can achieve much greater power, experts believe. In the end, it may even lead to the Apocalypse, and at least to multibillion-dollar losses.

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