Unusual rafting on the Dniester: tourists will ride on the boat of the ancient Slavs

Необычные сплавы на Днестре: туристов будут катать на лодке древних славян

In Ivano-Frankivsk successfully went down the Dniester river on a reconstructed boat of the ancient Slavs boats and were 100 kilometres from Halych in the village of Luka

As told to “Espresso.West” re-enactor Nazar frost, then the rook to be based in the camp “White Buffalo”, which will be organized rafting on the Dniester for everyone.

“Lodiya will stand in the camp of White Buffalo and ride tourists on the Dniester. We are trying to develop the field of historical tourism. Will be a guide who will tell about the origin of this boat, construction technology, history,” – said Reconstructor.

Alloys will start soon and will last until the end of autumn. “Alloys are yet to allow weather. In the place of the Dniester already relaxed, because the alloys can be made up to late autumn,” – said Nazar frost.

This weekend, the new rook staged a baptism of fire under time rafting on the Dniester, a distance of 100 kilometers, the boat was in two days.

“The boat showed itself very well. In our conditions it is much better to lead than the Scandinavian boat – the first boat, which we did. This six-meter boat of the Scandinavian type, it has the keel (the boat has NO keel, there is only a keel Board). When the boat reverses across the current, its banks, or tilt. According to the boat can go against the flow, and diagonal flow. For his blows. He is gaining less water and less danger in the shallows – it will change. It is more sustainable, more passing, ” explained Nazar frost.

He added that he joined not only reenactors, but also historians.

“A little bit coronavirus pyclamav plans to many people. Many reenactors are unable to come. But we have floated some very interesting people. For example, the founder of the genealogical project” Native “Vyacheslav Butenko. Also, the Galich family came from Kosovo, who floated his kayak as support. Also with us floated naukovij Irina Khmelevskaya, she’s a historian, her specialty is scandinavianstyle. She was interested to see how our boat will take place, ” added the Reconstructor.

Further, the re-enactors plan to build two boats that will be called “Elizabeth of Kiev” and “Harold Sigurdson”. Harold, the Norwegian king (also known as Harald Stern), who was married to the daughter of Yaroslav the Wise Elizabeth.

“They have an interesting life story, interesting story of their marriage, so we chose these names for boats, as a combination of two cultures, two peoples,” said Nazar frost.

The first build ladiu “Elizabeth of Kiev”, because it already has a blank. Following Scandinavian type Harold Sigurdson.

Ladya – sea and river ship of the ancient Slavs. Size reached 20 meters in length and 3 mayors in width. The most common Lodi was dowbenko made from a large trunk of an oak or Linden.

Were used until the XVIII century.