Unwanted witness: a Sleeping Mars Rover Opportunity captured aliens – UFO

Humanoids discovered a complex foreign device which could reveal their existence to the earthlings, it was perceived as a threat, experts say.

Нежеланный свидетель: «Спящий» марсоход Opportunity захватили пришельцы - уфологи

For 15 years, carries out its mission, the Rover Opportunity of the Mars Exploration Rover project. The device was delivered to Mars on 25 January 2004 and since then, furrowing the red planet, using only the energy from sunlight. As you know, sat in the crater of Needles, on the plateau of Meridian. During his stay on another planet he covered 45 kilometers, exceeding the deadline of its operation in the 90 sols (Martian solar day, the length of which is 24 hours, 39 minutes and 35 seconds) in 55 times. All this time, the Rover transmitted to Earth a lot of valuable pictures, including those where ufologists have found traces of alien life.

And here in the middle of 2018, it became known that communication with the Mars Rover Opportunity was partially lost. Conspiracy theorists immediately became suspicious, stating that this situation was not without alien intervention. The official version says that the Rover came with a strong dust storm that shut down the solar battery device, thereby hindering the charging device by placing it into “sleep” mode. According to experts, in fact, the Opportunity Rover captured aliens. Ufologists believe that the Rover is for them unwanted witness, which has a lot of “excess” photographed on Mars or may have transmitted to Earth the images themselves of the aliens that hide in NASA, so as not to shock the public.

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