Up for sale is a rare model of the Porsche 911

На продажу выставлена редкая модель Porsche 911

The creation of a rare car – it avtoatele Strosek from Germany, existing since 1971, Its staff offer fans of the brand’s own vision of the car’s design. Atelier is not so well known in the world, as, for example, Gembala, Ruf. However, each “produced” Porsche 911 rarely comes on the market.

Sports cars are very recognizable: according to the manufacturer, all machines from the first to the last generation, there is a clear continuity that can be called a unique phenomenon. And this is true: from 1963 to today, this coupé retains its profile and features given by designers.

But some avtoatele tried to bring their traditional exterior of the machine. For example, this “Porsche”, “upgraded” Strosek received redesigned front and rear body parts. Head optics has done little: it was fashionable in the 90s. the Black color is elegant, and the chrome wheels give a certain chic. Under the hood was placed 6-cylinder unit 2.7 l, which is rarely “nursed” 100 thousand km due to the high operating temperature of the unit. It engineers had to go because of the stricter environmental requirements in Europe.

На продажу выставлена редкая модель Porsche 911