Update 7.0 World of Tanks Blitz: what improvements await gamers

Обновление 7.0 World of Tanks Blitz: какие улучшения ждут геймеров

Обновление 7.0 World of Tanks Blitz: какие улучшения ждут геймеров

Popular among Ukrainians, the game World of Tanks Blitz has been updated to 7.0. He was released in celebration of the 6 anniversary of the game. The update will bring improved graphics, and new high-level British light tanks.

This 24 channel reported in a press-service of Wargaming. In addition, in July there will be new mode “Collision”.

Players will face each other in a dynamic and most intensive battles – in the 5 on 5, on compact maps.

What else is new

In particular, the improvement in graphics will provide a new level of sensation for gamers. Among the new:

  • the recoil from the guns,
  • the traces on the ground from the trucks of cars
  • the differences in the labels from the hits depending on the caliber of the projectile, the implementation of dynamic shadows
  • improved particle effects and getting wet.

Update 7.0 World of Tanks Blitz: video

British light tanks came into Blitz with update 7.0, researched after the Comet medium tank VII level. This motor scouts, which are better armored than other light tanks in the game:

  • level VIII – FV 301;
  • level IX – Vickers Cruiser;
  • level X – the Vickers Light 105.

In addition, be available unique tank VI level – P. 43 / 06 Anniversario.

What is known about World of Tanks Blitz?

This is one of the most popular mobile games in Ukraine. Uploaded it
7.3 million times. Interestingly, the user who has played the most number of fights in Blitz, the player with the Ukraine. He has over 158 thousand battles. In General, Blitz uploaded more than 137 million times.

Irina Policka


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