Update from ASUS distributes viruses: official information

Обновление от ASUS распространяет вирусы: официальная информация

ASUS 5 months spread the virus during a software update, it was discovered by Kaspersky Lab. Now the company has admitted that her background is broke, and the hackers used the firmware update software to spread malicious programs.

The Taiwanese company issued a press release which said that he had been attacked by Advanced Persistent Threat (APT). For this purpose we used a proprietary tool ASUS Live Update provided with the laptops, it needs to ensure that the system always uses the latest version of proprietary drivers and firmware.

According to them, the latest version 3.6.8 software Live Update should fix a security bug. There are many mechanisms to check the reliability, to prevent any malicious manipulation in the form of software updates or other means, as well as implemented end-to-end encryption, and updated software architecture of the server to the end user.

Обновление от ASUS распространяет вирусы: официальная информация

Users ASUS for 5 months got a virus on your PC

Wish to check whether the injured, the device can use the tool from ASUS, or contact support. Kaspersky Lab’s, could suffer up to 500 thousand computers.

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