Update the Android Q should appear in the coming weeks

Обновление не за горами: Android Q должен появиться в ближайшие недели

The key change will be the adjustment of the back gesture.

Beta test Q Android was updated to version 6, and probably was entering into. Google announced that the new firmware version should appear in the coming weeks. This means that the update is around the corner and soon users will be able to appreciate all the innovations. The firmware first try of course the owners of Google products, with the company’s priorities.

It also became known that the new smartphone Pixel 4 will be released on the new firmware. Experts suggest that the official announcement of the smartphone will happen together with the release of the updates.

A key change in the new beta version is a manipulation of navigation gestures. Previously, a swipe to “back” (the movement from left to right) were confused with the function of many applications “side menu”. Now, because of many user complaints about the swipe “back” in the setup menu has a sensitivity control, through which you can configure the gestures for themselves.

The new version of Android will bring with it extensive functionality and changes key and s which is the acclaimed “dark theme”. The change when activated, makes the entire interface is black, so it is possible for owners of AMOLED displays saves up to 60 percent of battery power. Also the “dark version” would be more pleasant to use at night. When you activate “dark version” applies to the quick access toolbar, and other proprietary applications from Google.