Updated Bentley Bentayga Speed should show in a few days

Обновленный Bentley Bentayga Speed должны показать уже через несколько дней

The fastest serial SUV in its restyled variations should first be brought before the public as early as August 12.

Bentayga in the variation Speed is the most productive serial SUV currently available for sale. Its maximum speed is limited to a mark of 305 km/h 0.8 km/h faster five-seat SUV Lamborghini Urus. The car was sold only one year, but now it will lead to compliance with the new standard car, which was presented in June.

If you consider the fact that the model recently became part of the model range of the British company Bentley, it is not necessary to expect essential changes in the technical part. Therefore, the W12 engine volume of 6.0 liters and produces a power to 626 horsepower, will be transferred without major changes.

If the theory of experts about this are confirmed, it is likely we will not see as the power plant of a 4.0-liter V8 double turbo and performance 542 “horse”. This powerplant Bentley has announced for the facelifted version of the European market.

Even though the prototype is hidden under camouflage tape, we can still clearly see the body parts. It is obvious that the Bentayga Speed will stand out for the most part dark elements. Of them, such as: rims, diffusers, sports exhaust with 4 tailpipes. Also, as before, is equipped with a large rear wing, increasing downforce of the car.

The interior will be upgraded multimedia system with touch screen as the basic version of the Bentayga. Will also be significantly increased legroom in the rear of the machine, the digital and modified the dashboard.