Updated DeLorean in it now will go back to the future

Обновленный DeLorean или на чем сейчас отправится «назад в будущее»

Largely due to the iconic role in the franchise “Back to the future” Delorean, the car remains instantly recognizable despite the small production run, only lasting a few years.

In a new video from Sketch of a Monkey, a talented artist is might look like a modern version of the legendary coupe.

Giorgetto Giugiaro created the original design for the DeLorean. Wedge-shaped exterior has the same touches as some of his other creations such as the original Lotus Espirit and Volkswagen Scirocco. The guys from the team Monkey Sketch outlined the most important elements of the style DeLorean, such as flat hood, curved line slits of the door and the corner transition between the roof and the rear part of the machine. To rejuvenate the appearance of a model, the guys removed the old-fashioned lights, but saves them a square appearance. Thin horizontal strips still cover the grill between the lights.

Flat hood still in his place, but the expansion of the front wing disappeared. At the rear, the new design is devoid of glass sections in the side parts, which are largely useful from a functional point of view the original DeLorean – they are visually expand the interior. The loss of this element in the rendering takes some personality of the whole rear of the car.

Обновленный DeLorean или на чем сейчас отправится «назад в будущее»