Uranium mill VostGOK will buy gas at 144 million of “traditional” contractor

Урановый комбинат ВостГОК закупит газ на 144 миллиона у «традиционного» подрядчика

For 10 years, “energy trade group” has received contracts for 2.85 billion UAH, mainly in the “OGHK” and “VostGOK”.

SE “Eastern mining and processing plant” has concluded an agreement with LLC “energy trade group” on the supply of natural gas to 143,83 million hryvnia. This happened on 30 January based on the tender results, reported in the “Proterra”.

For the current year ordered 13,15 million cubic meters of gas, 10.938 UAH per thousand cubic meters, with payment within 45 calendar days after delivery. The price was 5% cheaper than the February rate of PJSC “NJSC “Naftogaz of Ukraine” with the payment terms after or during the delivery period, which is 11.459 UAH per thousand cubic meters.

The transaction price is 9% below the expected value of the procurement in 158,85 million UAH.

OOO “dnepropetrovskgaz sales” are not allowed to auction for lack of bid security. The only allowed competitor was , “Ukrgazproekt”.

Earlier the company “Enerdzhi Treyd Grup” was recorded at Eugene bug, who also recorded a number of firms with contracts “OGHK”, “VostGOK” and GP “NAEK “Energoatom”. In the first two state-owned companies in senior positions worked Ruslan zhurylo, while “Energoatom” was under the influence of the former people’s Deputy Nikolay Martynenko. Mr. and Martynenko held in a criminal case to the NEB of embezzlement in “VostGOK”.

Currently, the “energy trade group” written on Alexei Bondarenko, managed by Alexey Kravets. The new address of the company – Kiev, Rylsky lane, 4. The building was previously owned by “Rodovid Bank”, there was the office of people’s Deputy from Party of regions Yury Ivanyushchenko. But in 2016, the title to the building, said Vasily Danilov – gas businessman, who was accused of ordering the murder of a key witness in the case on embezzlement of funds of “Rodovid Bank”.

Just since 2009, the “energy trade group” has received contracts for 2.85 billion UAH, mainly in the “OGHK” and “VostGOK”.

The owner of the Dnieper company “Ukrgazproekt” with a share capital of 2 thousand hryvnias is Vitaly Anatolievich Catroga of the city boiarka, Kyiv region. His name coincides with the name of a former assistant people’s Deputy from IN “Batkivshchyna” Igor Skosar.

The phone number of the company 067-520-19-19 uses Kirovohrad, OOO “Ekoenergoservis” Ruslan V. and Timur V. Lavrinovich. The latter previously owned by the now liquidated LLC “Teploenergokomplekt” from Alexandria the Kirovograd area with the locals Vladimir Medvedev and Vladimir Saminski and cherkaschanin Igor Bereslavskaya.


State enterprise “Eastern mining-processing combine” – one of 28 uranium mining centers in the world, including “VostGOK” is in the top ten, and is the largest in Europe. The main products of the plant concentrate of natural uranium.

Geographically the company is located in three areas: Dnipropetrovsk, Kirovohrad and Mykolaiv, Central office is located in the city of Yellow Waters Dnipropetrovsk region.