Urinary tract infections, three times increase the risk of ischemic stroke – study

Инфекции мочевыводящих путей втрое повышают риск ишемического инсульта - исследование

In comparison with other infections urinary tract infections, three times increase the risk of ischemic stroke within 30 days after infection.

The relationship between urinary tract infections and increased likelihood of ischemic stroke established by scientists from the USA (School of medicine Ikana Medical center the mount Sinai hospital in new York). The results of their study published in the journal of the American heart Association Stroke.

Through the work of the experts analyzed the ratio of the number of infections with coronary and two other types of stroke, using medical history in the hospitals of new York state during the period from 2006 to 2013. Communication with the stroke they are considered in comparison with infections of the urinary tract, abdominal cavity, respiratory tract, skin, and other.

As a result, scientists came to the conclusion that in fact each study their infections could increase the likelihood of ischemic stroke. But the most “effective” in this context turned out to be a urinary tract infection, which is more than three times increases this risk.

“Urinary tract infections demonstrated the strongest relationship with ischemic stroke”, – cites the opinion of the researchers in the article.

Experts admit that vaccination, and antibiotics for patients with infectious diseases can contribute to reducing the risk of cerebrovascular events.