Urusky promised to bring in the defense industry, 500 thousand people on high salaries

Уруский пообещал привлечь в оборонку 500 тыс. человек на высокие зарплаты

The Cabinet approved a decree on the establishment of the Ministry of strategic industries without a clear definition of these strategic sectors. In forecasting the impact of the newly established on Minister Oleg Urusky indicated involvement “in the strategic industries 500 thousand people with a high salary” until 2024.

This is stated in the draft Resolution, which published the review organization StateWatch.

In particular, the document mentions only one industry – the military-industrial complex.

The main task of this Ministry is the formation and implementation of the state policy in the sphere of functioning and development of strategic industries, primarily the military-industrial complex”, – explained in the note to the draft Resolution.

Among short and medium term impacts, in addition to half a million new jobs, O. Urusky highlighted the following: significant increase of budget revenues and fees in state funds in 2021; the annual increase in payments to the state budget in the amount of approximately $ 3 billion due to the additional multiplier effect in strategic industries since 2021; GDP growth to 5% annually; the increase in parts manufacturing industries in the total economy up to 20% until 2024.

The fact that the new Minister promises to attract half a million people in the strategic industries without a clear definition of such industries and the Cabinet voted for it, suggests that the formation of a new office on Hrushevskoho went quite formally, “- said the head of StateWatch Gleb Kanevsky.