Urusky proposed a national idea of Ukraine – it is about space

Уруский предложил национальную идею Украины - она связана с космосом

04.08.2020, 11:22

Oleg Urusky (screenshot from the video Defence Express)

Become a full member of the European space society Roscosmos hampered by a lack of funding, said the Minister of strategic sectors

The national idea of Ukraine can do the project of launching space rockets by the method of the start of the air – using aircraft responsice. This idea was announced by the Minister of strategic sectors Oleg Urusky, writes Interfax-Ukraine.

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“While we the people (foreign investors, -.) to invite, and themselves to see what is in my pocket and put what’s in it for me to have, we never will achieve nothing. We are able to offer large projects in the aviation and space industry. And everyone is looking for the national idea. I say: well, look, let’s make air launch – that is our national idea”, – he explained.

According to Urusky, your spaceport on the territory of Ukraine will never be for objective reasons, but an aircraft that could carry missiles and air-launched project could be done in the 1990s.

“In the first space program was the project “Svityaz”, which included the launch of Zenit with the An-225 Mriya, and it was expected that the first stage of the rocket will be returned. Elon Musk did just a few years ago,” said the Minister and complained about the attitude of the government all the years of independence in the spirit of “we are a poor state, what is space?”

Urusky also believes that Roscosmos must be the office “at the level of any normal European space Agency, which has no subordinate companies, which is engaged in the activity”, and announced reforms.

  • Earlier, the head of Roskosmos Vladimir Usov expressed the hope that by 2023-2024 years Ukraine will be able to carry out air start.
  • In July it was created by the Ministry of strategic sectors of economy of Ukraine, which was headed by Urusky. Who he is – in our material.

Уруский предложил национальную идею Украины - она связана с космосом

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