US army armed version of the Tomahawk land

Армия США вооружится наземной версией Tomahawk

The Marine corps of the United States intends to 2021 fiscal year (begins October 1, 2020) to acquire 48 Tomahawk cruise missiles to be placed on mobile shore launchers. According to The Drive, these missiles will be used in the role of anti-ship munitions. In total, the procurement of missiles it is planned to spend $ 125 million.

Currently, the US armed Tomahawk missiles there is no version for land-based. Currently the ammunition of this family with the designations RGM-109 and UGM-109 are included in the nomenclature of arms of the several types of American ships and submarines and is designed to destroy ground targets.

Probably in the future, Tomahawk land will be used to destroy ground targets as missiles, shorter-range range. According to the publication, today, the us military has no land-based launchers for launching Tomahawk. For these purposes, the U.S. Marine corps may be ordered revision of existing installations M142 HIMARS.

In August last year, the U.S. Navy tested a cruise missile GLCM, looks like a Tomahawk. This munition was launched their silo launchers Mk.41 VLS. It was reported that the tested munition capable of hitting targets at ranges of over 500 kilometers.

In 2017 the American company Raytheon has been developing new equipment that will allow you to convert cruise missiles Tomahawk Block IV anti-ship. New ammunition is planned to adopt in 2022-2023 year.