Us Congressman spent budget money on the game in Steam

In 2016, U.S. Congressman from the Republican party in California Duncan hunter accused of too luxurious living. The investigation revealed that the funds which were intended for the campaign, he spent on himself, particularly on games on Steam.

On Tuesday, December 3, the court recognized the guilt of the hunter and the policy is now facing jail, reports Polygon.

What the politician spent money

I wonder what hunter would spend money on trifles: he was buying movie tickets, eating out in restaurants, fashion shoes, LEGO sets and dog food, and also made the money of the hotel and bought a lot of games on Steam. To replenish library in the digital store hunter lowered 1 302 dollars, while the total expenses amounted to $ 150,000.

Perhaps the most amusing thing that hunter was spending the budget money is plane tickets to transport pet rabbits.

Американский конгрессмен тратил бюджетные деньги на игры в Steam

Американский конгрессмен тратил бюджетные деньги на игры в Steam

Duncan hunter faces up to 5 years in prison


The court notes the special cynicism of the actions of the Congressman, given that the family of the perpetrator was at that time heavily in debt. Now unsuccessful thief shines either up to five years or a fine of 250 thousand dollars.

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