US debt set another record

Госдолг США поставил очередной рекорд

The U.S. national debt has set a new historical record, exceeding $26 trillion, from the data Mifin USA.

On June 9, the country’s public debt totaled $26,003 trillion. According to US Debt Clock, over the last few days it has increased by about another $4 billion Thus, the national debt per US citizen is about $79 thousand

As noted by Fox News, the US national debt in recent months is growing at a record pace because of the cost of the Federal government to fight the epidemic of the coronavirus and its consequences. According to data published by the U.S. Treasury, April 7, the national debt exceeded $24 trillion. Less than a month later, on 5 may it has reached $25 trillion.

Simultaneously with the start of the budget year the budget deficit amounted to U.S. $1.88 billion. This is higher than the record annual deficit of the national budget, established during the global financial crisis in 2009 ($1.4 trillion). According to the forecasts of the congressional budget office, at the end of the 2020 fiscal year budget deficit will be $3.4 trillion. The Washington Post has estimated the US budget deficit by year-end, taking into account implementation of all measures of support of $4 trillion.

The growth of public debt and budget deficit occurs against the background of the White house decision on the allocation of $2.2 trillion. to support enterprises and citizens. Part of the money is aimed at direct payments to citizens: people with an income of less than $75 million will receive a check for $1.2 thousand, families with children will receive $500 for each child. Part of the funds provided to those who have lost their jobs. In addition, the package includes measures to support enterprises and industries.

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