US intelligence believes that China is hiding information about the victims of coronavirus

Разведка США считает, что Китай скрывал данные о жертвах коронавируса

US intelligence agencies believe that Chinese authorities covered up the part of the information about the number of people infected with the novel coronavirus in the country, and also about how many deaths. With such a statement issued Wednesday the Agency Bloomberg.

According to his sources among U.S. officials, American intelligence agencies last week presented the White house a secret report, which shows the corresponding estimates. As stated in the article, according to US intelligence, “the Chinese authorities intentionally published incomplete data on the number of cases of infection and deaths.” US intelligence believes that China is “hiding the extent of the outbreak of the coronavirus in the country” and presented the situation as if these indicators are lower than in reality.

Many American officials have previously argued that China has not provided comprehensive information about the virus. Secretary of state Michael Pompeo in early March, in particular, made a statement that because it is the United States “were lagging behind” in terms of combating the spread of the coronavirus in the country.