US intelligence: Russia spreads misinformation about COVID

Разведка США: Россия распространяет дезинформацию о COVID

Russian intelligence services use multiple English sites for the spread of misinformation related to the pandemic coronavirus. This is with reference to the report of American intelligence, according to us media.

According to the report, Russian military intelligence used at least three website, and where he published more than 150 articles, which promoted conspiracy theories, in particular, the Chinese assertion that the coronavirus was created as a biological weapon in the American military lab appear the comments about how the Russian medical equipment delivered in the United States, will open the era of detente in relations between the two countries. The document mentions the names of Denis Tyurin and Alexander Starunsky, organized the publication of these materials. They are, according to us intelligence, linked to Russian military intelligence.

The website owned by the Russian government, two other site are formally independent news portals. According to sources, the New York Times, American intelligence agencies, the FBI is investigating a link between one of the online edition of Strategic Culture Foundation c the foreign intelligence Service of Russia. In may on his website appeared sharply negative article about Evelyn Farkas, who worked in the administration of Barack Obama, known for his critical remarks against the Kremlin. In June, Farkas lost in the primary elections of the Democratic party in the struggle for a seat in Congress.

The website called “false” allegations that he was involved with the Russian intelligence.

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