US senators have threatened sanctions, the company brought to the “Nord stream-2”

Сенаторы США пригрозили санкциями компании, привлеченной к "Северному потоку-2"

Republican senators Ted Cruz and Ron Johnson, sent an official letter to the company Allseas Group S. A., attracted to the pipeline to the “Nord stream – 2”, threatening sanctions if it does not come out of the project.

American legislators have paid attention that these sanctions contemplated by the new law on financing of the defence needs of the United States next year, reports the correspondent of UKRINFORM.

“This letter is sent to you, your employees, your company and your shareholders have received an official legal statement. This legislation was adopted that your company immediately cease work on the project “Nord stream – 2”, – said in a letter to us lawmakers.

They stressed that the only viable option for the company “Allseas Group SA” will be an immediate exit from the project of Russian gas pipeline.

“We understand that Russia pays Allseas a very significant amount of money to complete the work on the pipeline “Nord stream – 2″. However, if your company will continue to operate the project even one day after the President will sign the law on sanctions, the result will be the defeat of your company and potentially fatal legal and economic sanctions,” – said the senators.

They noted that the legislative initiative with the punishment company, which is involved in the construction of “Nord stream – 2” supported by both parties in both houses of Congress.

We recall the initiative with the sanctions provided by the law on the financing of the US defense budget approved by the House of representatives and the U.S. Senate.