US threatens Germany because of Huawei

США угрожает Германии из-за Huawei

It became known about the first direct American warning Germany about the consequences of her persistent refusal to follow instructions of the state Department about the termination of cooperation with Huawei.

According to sources, the U.S. Ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell sent to the Minister of economy and energy Peter Altmaier the letter in which has warned about possible restriction of access to the intelligence of Germany to American intelligence in the case that the local operators will use the equipment of Huawei Technologies for the construction of 5G networks, according to “3Dnews”.

Peter Altmaier stated that Germany is not going to ban Huawei, noting that Berlin will change the law to ensure the safety of all components used in 5G networks.

The United States urged its allies to refuse to cooperate with Huawei, claiming the Chinese firm sets in its equipment a backdoor that allows the Chinese authorities to spy on almost every data flow in the world. There is still no conclusive evidence to support the veracity of the charges.

In the world there are only a few companies that can provide the necessary infrastructure for the deployment of 5G networks. Finnish firm Nokia, South Korea’s Samsung, China’s Huawei, the Swedish Ericsson and us Cisco.