US urges allies not to use equipment from China wireless networking

США требуют от союзников не использовать оборудование из Китая в беспроводных сетях

Washington is putting pressure on allies in Europe that they banned the use of Chinese telecommunications equipment in modern wireless networks. This was reported on Tuesday the newspaper The New York Times.

According to sources, the administration of Donald trump is preparing in the coming days to introduce such a ban in the United States. The main goal of Washington to let Chinese companies, including Huawei, have access to the American mobile communication systems of the fifth generation (5G). U.S. officials have previously alleged that Huawei may have links with the intelligence services of the PRC.

“American officials of high rank, including U.S. Secretary of state Michael Pompeo on this week in Europe put pressure on the allies that they had taken steps for the closure of their networks of the fifth generation of Chinese companies, including Huawei”, the article reads The New York Times. According to sources in Washington believe that the introduction of such a ban in the US will be an additional argument in favor of this.

According to the newspaper, currently under consideration in the administration is the Executive decree, according to which restrictions are imposed not just on Chinese Telecom equipment, but that produced a “hostile state”. However, the aim of these measures, as conceived by the American side, it is on China.

Huawei was at the center of world attention in early December after detention in Canada at the request of the U.S. CFO Meng Wanzhou. Prosecutors in new York accused it of violating us trade sanctions against Iran. The court in the canadian province of British Columbia on December 11 decided to release Meng Wanzhou on bail until her extradition to the US. Treasurer not guilty.

Huawei is one of the leading Chinese manufacturers of smartphones in 2017, its net profit amounted to 47.5 billion yuan ($7.5 billion). According to the newspaper The Wall Street Journal, Huawei – a leading global supplier of technologies to support 5G.