US urges Turkey to abandon the Russian air defense system until 31 July

США требуют от Турции отказаться от российских ЗРК до 31 июля

The Pentagon has threatened Ankara’s removal from production of F-35

The United States demanded that Turkey not later than 31 July to withdraw from the purchase of Russian anti-aircraft missile systems s-400, threatening to expel students in the country, the Turkish pilots and suspended Turkish companies from participating in the production of F-35. This was stated by Deputy Minister of defense Ellen Lord, RBC-Ukraine reports with reference to DW.

The US and other NATO countries fear that Russia, through Turkey set of s-400 can obtain information about the aircraft of the Alliance.

It is noted that Turkey is one of the key international partners of the United States in the production of F-35, the cost of production which is estimated at more than 428 billion. Moreover, Turkey has expressed a desire to purchase about 100 of these aircraft.

On the eve of the acting Minister of defense Patrick Shanahan in a letter to his Turkish counterpart to Hulusi ACAR noted that Turkey “there’s still time to change course the s-400”.

“In addition to creating security threats, such as the F-35 purchase by Turkey of the s-400 will impede the ability of your country to develop or maintain cooperation with the US and within NATO, will lead to excessive strategic and economic Turkey’s dependence on Russia and undermine a very effective defense industry in Turkey and its ambitious goals in the field of development”, said Shanahan.