USA bought up all the world stocks of medications from COVID-19 ramdevpir

США скупили все мировые запасы лекарства от COVID-19 ремдесивир

American biopharmaceutical company, Gilead will sell to the US authorities, almost all of the drug for the treatment of coronavirus COVID-19 ramdevpir (remdesivir), which will produce in the next three months. This was announced by the Ministry of health.

“President trump has a great deal to provide Americans access to the first authorized drug for the treatment of COVID-19”, – said the head of the American Ministry of health Alex Azar.

American hospitals will purchase 500 thousand courses of treatment is 100% of the projected production volume of the drug in July and 90% in August in September. Treatment redecision averages 6.25 bottle and costs $3200.

As a rule, patients do not pay directly for hospital drugs, including ramdevpir. The cost of treatment covers health insurance, Medicare, or private companies.

European authorities are alarmed by the volume of purchases of ramdevpir by the US authorities, writes The Guardian. The Americans got access to most medications, so for Europe there is nothing left.

Ramdevpir was originally developed for the treatment of the Ebola virus. It is a patented drug of Gilead, which means that other companies do not have the right to release. In mid-may, Gilead has signed agreements with five pharmaceutical companies that can produce ramdevpir for 127 countries. The timing of release was not specified.

At the end of June ramdevpir became the first drug approved for use against COVID-19 in the European Union. It is also approved in South Korea and Japan.