USA for the first time in nine years, launched manned spacecraft to the ISS

США впервые за девять лет запустили пилотируемый корабль к МКС

United States for the first time after nine-year hiatus launched manned spacecraft to the International space station (ISS).

The spacecraft Crew Dragon company SpaceX astronauts Douglas Hurley and Robert Behnken on Board started at 15:22 East coast time USA (22:22 CET) from the spaceport at Cape Canaveral (Florida). For the first time, astronauts will be delivered to ISS with the help of a ship developed by a private company.

The rocket Falcon-9 launched at 15:22 – precisely according to plan. After two and a half minutes there was a separation of the first stage of the rocket, which after seven minutes landed safely on the platform, Of Course I Still Love You in the Atlantic ocean. 12 minutes after the start there was a separation of the second stage of the rocket, after which the Crew Dragon was launched into orbit.

The vehicle docking with the ISS expected to take place on Sunday at 10:27 East coast time USA (17:27 Kyiv time). Unlike cargo ships Dragon, which, after rendezvous with the ISS have captured a remote manipulator, the Crew Dragon vehicle is equipped with an automatic docking system. At the stage of rendezvous with the space station astronauts will test the system to manual control of the ship.

The launch of space flight Center Kennedy at Cape Canaveral watched the US President Donald trump and Vice-President Michael Penny.

The launch vehicle to the ISS was carried out only at the second attempt. Originally scheduled for Wednesday, may 27, the launch was canceled, then only 17 minutes before the estimated time due to adverse weather conditions in the area of the spaceport.

Crew Dragon is a modification of the cargo ship Dragon, which already delivers cargo to the ISS. On 2 March the ship was in automatic, unmanned mode is sent to the station and docked to it the next day.

The current launch is the first in nine years, manned space flight, carried out from US soil on American spacecraft. NASA has stopped manned flights in 2011, after the completion of the program, use the return of the ships of the Space Shuttle. Since then, astronauts delivered to the ISS by the Russian “Unions”. Initially it was assumed that American commercial ships will launch manned missions in 2017.