USA has announced visa restrictions for China

США анонсировали визовые ограничения для Китая

Washington will impose sanctions against Chinese officials for violations of the autonomy of Tibet, said Mike Pompeo.

United States of America will limit visas for a number of Chinese officials, because China violates human rights in Tibet and prevents the travel of Americans to the region. On Wednesday, July 8, said the US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo, writes Reuters.

“Today I am announcing visa restrictions for the Chinese government and officials of the Communist party of China who intend to participate in the development and implementation of policy to restrict access for foreigners to Tibetan areas,” said Pompeo.

He noted that Beijing restricts access of American diplomats, journalists and tourists to Tibet.

“Access to Tibetan areas is becoming increasingly important for stability in the region, given the human rights violations in China, as well as the inability of Beijing to prevent the deterioration of the environment near the headwaters of Asia’s major rivers,” he added.

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