USA have forbidden to sell Windows and iPhone Russian military and police

США запретили продавать Windows и iPhone российским военным и полиции

США запретили продавать Windows и iPhone российским военным и полиции

The United States once again tightened export control regulations in respect of the supply of goods to Russia. June 29 came into force, two new regulations Bureau of industry and security (BIS) of the U.S. Department of Commerce, which further restrict the potential export of sensitive technologies to Russia.

As reported by the channel 24, except for Russia export restrictions are also common in China and Venezuela.

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The first rule negate the exception for American exporters, who could ship to Russia without a license a wide range of goods if they are intended for civil use by civil users. It is the bearings, semiconductors, computers, telecommunications equipment, radar systems, equipment for the production of airplane engines and stuff.

Now, even if these products are supposed to be used exclusively for civilian purposes, the exporter will need to obtain a special license from the Ministry of trade of the United States. These changes, in addition to Russia, China and Venezuela, will also include Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Iraq and Ukraine.

The second rule concerns only Russia, China and Venezuela. This rule expands the definition of “military use” goods, which would reduce the already minimal possibility of the Russian defense sector to buy American goods, technology and software.

Under the “military end user” will understand the armed forces, the national police, the national guard, the intelligence services, as well as “any person or entity whose actions or functions are intended to support military purpose” goods.

The blog of international law firm Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman notes that under the new rules to the list of these goods now include iPhone and Microsoft Windows, that is, they are selling a “war” will be virtually impossible.

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