USA is concerned about the sale of “Motor Sich” Chinese – Bolton

США беспокоит продажа "Мотор-Сичи" китайцам - Болтон


The national security Advisor of the United States John Bolton said the decision to sell part of the “Motor Sich” Chinese companies, Ukraine must make, but the United States warned its allies about the possible dangers of agreements with the Chinese side.

Verbatim Bolton: “I will not refer to specific agreements and transactions, as the final decision on this agreement is the sovereign right of Ukraine. We even posted our warnings and concerns of unfair and dishonest practices carried out by the Chinese side, in particular in the United States… We have this concern extend to all of your friends and allies.”

Details: He added that the U.S. is concerned about the practice of creating debt, which applies the Chinese side.

According to Bolton, although China reportedly offers a very attractive financial conditions, subsequently, the countries that agree to this be in debt bondage.

Another cause for concern Bolton has called the theft of military technology. As an example, he mentioned the Chinese fifth-generation aircraft, “very similar to the American F35 aircraft”.

He concluded that in the numerous meetings with the Ukrainian side, the US expressed concern about this.

That was before: on the Eve Bolton immediately came to Kyiv for consultations. The US is trying to block the sale to China of the Ukrainian plant “Motor-Sich” and the transfer of technology from this company.

Prior to this, the American edition of the Wall Street Journal wrote, citing sources that Bolton will try to convince the Ukrainian leadership to abandon the idea of the sale of the company “Motor Sich” Chinese holding company Beijing Skyrizon Aviation.

Director of public relations of JSC “Motor Sich” Anatoly Melissamel that Chinese companies have bought shares in the plant, and now “solution for AMC”.


“Motor-Sich” is controlled by Vyacheslav Boguslayev and is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of engines for aircraft and industrial gas turbines.

The Chinese holding company must buy a controlling stake in the Ukrainian company – more than 50%, 25% will go to the state Ukraine.

The Chinese company Xinwei Skyrizon Aircraft and Technology Group in the case of obtaining permission of Antimonopoly Committee to purchase more than 50% of the company “Motor Sich” will provide the aircraft industry of Ukraine grant funding in the amount of $ 100 million.

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