USA is going to impose sanctions on the countries-partners Huawei

США собирает накладывать санкции на страны-партнеры Huawei

USA, after the announcement of the boycott of Huawei, immediately forbade American companies to sell their products to the Chinese giant, Then the U.S. Department of Commerce gave Huawei a temporary license for a period of 90 days, which had actually lifted the ban.

But American companies must obtain permission to trade with Huawei even in the period of validity of the licence. It is reported by the Informant Tech, citing Bloomberg. After 3 months, the validity period of the license ended and the U.S. Department of Commerce immediately issued a second one. This was done not for honor, but in the interests of American companies, as for many, Huawei is one of the largest partners.

The second license ends in November. And it seems that a third of Huawei and its partners can not count. The US government probably would not initiate the issuance of another license. Deputy assistant Secretary of the state Department’s cyber policy Rob Strayer noted that temporary licenses are not eternal and their main task is to provide a more smooth change of the business environment and to prevent disruption of the market. Moreover, there were statements that the US government does not preclude the imposition of additional sanctions for their allies, who refuse to ban Huawei equipment in the networks 5G.

Administration officials trump has repeatedly stressed that Washington will overestimate the exchange of intelligence with countries that allow Huawei or other Chinese companies to build its future mobile networks because of fears that the company could be instrumental in spies of Beijing. Huawei and Chinese officials deny the charges.

Comments of the Department of state was made in connection with the fact that the European Union is preparing to introduce in early October, the assessment of the risks to the security of the advanced 5G networks for the whole block. Member States will have to agree to European measures by the end of the year, which may include certification requirements, testing or the identification of some suppliers as “unsafe”.

At that time, European countries will continue to have the right to prohibit an individual company for reasons of national security, the achievement of a pan-European agreement on any measures of security can be a complex task. In countries such as Hungary, which has the deepest relations with China in Europe, officials perceive Huawei as an “important strategic partner”, said the Minister of Finance.

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