USA will not allow Russia to achieve the lifting of DPRK sanctions in the banking sector – Nikki Haley – 24 Channel

США не дозволять Росії домогтися зняття з КНДР санкцій в банківському секторі, – Ніккі Хейлі - 24 Канал

The U.S. permanent representative to the UN, Nikki Haley on the results convened at the initiative of the Russian Security Council consultations on sanctions against the DPRK stated that Russia seeks the lifting of sanctions against the DPRK in the banking sector, but the US will not allow this to be done.

About this informed the Agency “TASS”.

What they want is the lifting of sanctions in the banking sector, we will not allow this to be done. So now we know exactly what they’re trying to do, and will not allow this,
she said.

The UN Security Council on the initiative of Russia on Thursday held a meeting on sanctions against the DPRK. Theme of the meeting was the withdrawal of humanitarian goods from the sanctions regime. Is now before the six requests from various organizations about the possibility of delivery of humanitarian need in the DPRK.

Recall that North Korea made a statement about the possibility of the resumption of its nuclear program if the United States cancels a previously imposed economic sanctions.

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