Use smoked sausage can make a man infertile

Употребление копченой колбасы может сделать человека бесплодным

The doctors said that the use of different kinds of meats can lead to loss of the ability to have offspring. Writes referring to Evrikak.

Experts noted that these products, in principle, nothing good to our body not give. Because they contain a large amount of salt, excess of which, for example, is not displayed on the cardiovascular system of man. In addition, smoked meats are often prepared with the use of a large number of spices. Most of them consists exclusively of chemicals. Consequently, neither what kind of benefits here cannot be and speeches. It is worth Recalling that meats mostly processed in liquid smoke. The latter increases appetite, which promotes weight gain.

Speaking directly about the impact of smoke on reproductive function, this product in turn causes reduction of sperm motility. This can lead to impotence and BPH. As for women, the excessive passion for smoked meats, they have disturbed hormones. This leads to the failure of the menstrual cycle.