Use toothpaste causing cancer

Использование зубной пасты провоцирует возникновение рака

French scientists said that conventional toothpaste is harmful to our health. Writes referring to Chronicle info.

To establish this fact, the experts conducted a study, which attracted rats in a lab. This allowed to establish that the composition of toothpaste is a toxic substance called titanium dioxide. It provides whitening effect. In the research process in the organism of laboratory rats were administered titanium dioxide. As a result, laboratory rodents the collapse of different kinds of cancer. It should be noted that titanium dioxide is not only in the composition of toothpaste. The dye is also present in white paint, enamel and lacquer construction. He is present in food products. Thus, the titanium dioxide can add in crab sticks, white chocolate and soy milk.

Recall that recently doctors have urged people to abandon the systematic use of products containing. According to doctors, this product has a negative impact on the reproductive function of man.