Users can send the shout to Iceland

Пользователи могут отправить свой крик в Исландию

The Ministry of tourism of Iceland has launched a website which allows Internet users from around the world to hear your voice in this country. The famous local attractions installed speakers that broadcast the recording.

So, the shout or the phrase can be heard, for example, skogafoss waterfall, glacier Snæfellsjökull on the beach Raudsand or on the island of Viðey. Switching is automatic.

The site even has instructions on the correct cry, which made therapist.

So, you first need to decide what kind of sound the user wants to send to Iceland. Then he was advised to stand up straight, feet hip distance apart. You should slightly bend your knees and relax your shoulders. You can put your hands on your hips.

Then the user has to do a few deep breaths and shout or say the sentence.