Users complain about Apple T2 to a new Mac

Пользователи жалуются на работу Apple T2 в новых Mac

For anybody not a secret that many users choose Mac for professional work. Of course, the choice for these devices was not accidental, long time Apple computers was considered a benchmark of stability and reliability. However, it is not so – the owners of the newest Mac models faced with regular problems, a large part of which is caused by incorrect operation of the macOS.

This time the subject of discussion was the Apple co-processor T2. Despite the fact that this chip was designed to provide high security and safety for many Mac owners it only complicated the work with the computer as a primary cause of many problems.

Not so long ago it became known that the T2 chip Apple actually turned out to be incompatible with audio interfaces, production, Apogee, Focusrite, Native Instruments, Yamaha, RME and MOTU. At a certain point in the operating system might encounter an error and the system was completely lost sound. To restore it was possible only after reboot. Users emphasize that such problems are not present in Mac computers without a built-in chip T2.

Is a world famous manufacturer of professional audio equipment. Audio interfaces these companies, without exaggeration, be used in all studios around the world. I am surprised that Apple is positioning their computers as a professional working tool, has not offered users, any decision.

A bug in Apple’s T2 in fact has led to the fact that the new Macs become completely unsuitable for live performances. Sound engineers and musicians say that for these purposes they must use the laptops other companies.

Apple has not commented on this issue. Let’s hope that compatibility issue will be fixed with the new update macOS.