Users of Google Gmail has undergone a massive attack: all the details

Пользователи Google Gmail подверглись массовой атаке: все подробности

Scammers have been on Google Gmail and have used a service error for their own enrichment

In the U.S. Gmail users faced a serious problem in the postal service discovered an error, which was used by scammers to earn money on gullible people. Error called the “point account”. It is reported resource DarkReading.

The feature of the bug is that Gmail allows users to add in email address floating point, thus creating multiple addresses for one mailbox.

Google just doesn’t see the difference between the name with a dot and no – all letters will fall on the primary email. Let’s say you have the email address [email protected]

Adding one dot to the name of the email address like [email protected] or [email protected], Gmail will still perceive them as [email protected], and letters will come on the main account. In the end, what more in the name of symbols, the more the intruders had the chance to illegally enrich themselves.

After learning about this feature of the service, the crooks a few days found tens of thousands of “victims” in the global network and started its evil plan. They created an additional account to the main email address, and then issued thousands of requests for a credit card online. Of the thousands sent to “spam” a few dozen people not looking confirm receipt cards without any fear, because were confident that their accounts no one can hack.

Now Gmail for smartphones and tablets based on operating systems iOS and Android looks the most minimalistic. The entire interface, in fact, consists of light tones, and the only thing that stands out of icons the accounts of senders of letters. If before the application was gray, albeit only slightly, it is now completely white.

Along with the new design Google has implemented in its corporate mail service and some other surprises, namely a couple of new features and capabilities.

Пользователи Google Gmail подверглись массовой атаке: все подробности

Пользователи Google Gmail подверглись массовой атаке: все подробности