Users of macOS were a victim of Trojan Shlayer

Despite the belief of many owners of Apple computers are no viruses for Apple platforms, last year many of them become the victim of malware. The most popular among users of Trojan macOS in the past year was Shlayer algorithm, which consists in the installation of adware applications.

What is known about the virus

Shlayer is disguised as updates for Adobe Flash Player. When you download the software on your computer, the Trojan without the knowledge of user installs third-party, typically the advertising content. Spotted virus and the sites for viewing and downloading entertainment content: some users have built it in the links under the videos hosted in YouTube.

Пользователи macOS стали жертвой трояна Shlayer

Пользователи macOS стали жертвой трояна Shlayer

The virus is disguised as Flash Player

On average, 29% of the total number of virus attacks on Apple devices in the period from January to November 2019 were accounted for by the virus Shlayer. In General, the anti-virus software blocked about 10% of intrusion attempts malware on the computers of users around the world.

How to avoid “contagion”

The most sound advice for Mac owners-the devices will not download apps and updates from unverified sources and carefully read the reviews about the websites from the entertainment content and be careful to click on dubious links.

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