Users of Telegram lost interest in politics and are prepared to leave

Пользователи Telegram охладели к политике и готовятся к отпуску

The audience of the messenger is growing, but to Viber brainchild Durov is still far.

Ukrainian segment of the Telegram after the elections has significantly cooled to the theme of politics, but not the actual service. This conclusion can be reached by analyzing data of the large-scale study of the Russian-speaking audience of the messenger, published on the channel statistics TGStat 7 may.

Analysts have studied 82 thousand of user profiles, 900 channels and 4000 chat rooms and estimated that to date the Russian-speaking segment of the messenger has about 15 million users. Of them 16,17% – Ukrainians. That is about 2.45 million of our compatriots at least once a week, open the app on their devices.

Thus, according to Data Magic for 31 April 2019, the Ukrainian audience of the messenger Telegram reached 4.5 million users.

Every fourth customer Telegram is the representative of the IT industry. While men make up 2/3 of the audience of the Russian segment of the messenger.

The researchers also noted that among our countrymen a very popular subscription in the Telegram: 43% of messenger users reading more than 10 subscriptions, and another quarter more than 25 channels. Maintains its own channel in the messenger every fifth person. However, only 7% of users leave it enabled for channels push notifications: the vast majority or disables them for all subscriptions, or does the exception only for one or two channels.

By the way, according TGStat in the first week of may, the Ukrainian segment switched to another agenda: the most popular were subscribe to news feeds about the city, travel and gadgets. But political and analytical media topped the rating: people EN masse from the bottom to unsubscribe.

Last month the audience of Telegram messenger in Ukraine somewhat slowed down the growth rate – from 14% to 11%, but continues to gain users. However, to segment Viber, which includes nearly 20 million Ukrainians, the service is still far.