Users will not be able to install Windows on new computers from Apple

Пользователи не смогут установить Windows на новые компьютеры от Apple

Пользователи не смогут установить Windows на новые компьютеры от Apple

One of the most important announcements Apple made at the recent WWDC was the transition of the Mac line from Intel to their own chips Apple Silicon. As it turned out, this decision could significantly change the functionality of “Apple” hardware — in particular, at issue was the ability to install Windows on a Mac as a second OS using the popular utilities Boot Camp.

According to The Verge, Microsoft claims to current company policy does not involve self-installing ARM version of the OS on the user device. The opportunity is only the manufacturer of the equipment. Thus, to install Windows on a new Mac, as early customers of new products just can’t.

To the subject Apple introduced its own ARM processors Silicon: what gadgets will get the new chips

Microsoft licenses Windows 10 for ARM is only for OEMs. More we nothing to say about it,
— said the representative of SoftMaker in an interview.

Other starting options

Theoretically there are other ways of triggering the Redmond OSes on Mac computers with the Apple Silicon chips — for example, through a virtual machine VMWare or Parallels, but the lack of support for Rosetta 2 adaptation of applications can cause compatibility problems when you run programs designed to work in a Windows environment.

Apple and Microsoft have been cooperating in the development of the software package Office, but the share of Windows on the Mac is questionable for the successful implementation of such a project would require at least changing the licensing policy of the software giant.

However, during the presentation of Apple Silicon, the company stressed that a number of companies, including Microsoft, have adapted their products to run on the new hardware. In particular, it concerns the Office.

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