USSR is to blame for their death: he was found irrefutable evidence of the death of Dyatlova from the hands of the people

Это СССР виноват в их гибели: Были найдены неопровержимые доказательства гибели дятловцев от рук людей

The investigation into “the Dyatlov Pass” for 60 years plagued the minds and imagination of many Russians. Experts are inclined to weather conditions, but people think that this tragedy was the result of secret tests conducted in the USSR.

Official sources say that the investigation was reopened in the case of the tragedy of a tourist group Dyatlov, went on a campaign in 1959, but never managed to return. Even Andrei Malakhov, host of the TV programme “live”, decided to go exploring the planet, to find out the cause of death of 9 young tourists.

According to investigators, 1959, all members of the tour group died in connection with an avalanche that came down from a mountain slope that has led Dyatlova hastily evacuated from the tent, leaving their equipment there, and then because of the very low temperatures they freeze to death.

One British writer put forward his version, therefore, found on the camera Zlatareva photographs, which were sealed with a glowing object that was the true cause of this tragedy. Foreign experts suggested that the photo shows a silhouette of a rocket that apparently landed near organized ski camp, and that was further reason for emergency evacuation.

According to recent data of the expedition, near the site of the tragedy was found the wreckage of the rocket, which had a serial number. Yevgeny Chernousov, a man discovers, in his opinion irrefutable proof, believes that his discovery will put the final point in the ongoing investigation, and will finally be able to prove the reality of the idea that the slope of the mountain Holotable was also a testing range for missile tests, Soviet Union.

“This is the place to be, since the death of 9 experienced hikers may not be only the result of weather conditions. There had to be something sudden for them have influenced adopted a further decision,” – say Russian citizens on the Internet.

In the Soviet Union the military was strictly classified to this day there are many investigation about the inhuman cruelty projects to develop different types of weapons. “This is the Union to blame for their deaths, not an avalanche,” – commented version of this on Internet forums. At that time there was the Cold war that spodvigaet Soviet scientists and engineers to develop new types of weapons, conducting a kind of “unauthorized” tests. Perhaps the loss of life as a result of the missile launch was an accident, which carefully concealed by the government in subsequent years, and perhaps it was part of the plans of the testers.