UZ announced large-scale tenders in order to compensate for the loss Pinchuk duties of the Russian Federation – mass media

УЗ объявила масштабные тендеры, чтобы компенсировать потери Пинчука от пошлин РФ - СМИ

After reports of the restoration of Russia, 34% of duties on Ukrainian railway wheels, which may limit the sales of “Interpipe” Victor Pinchuk, “Ukrzaliznytsia” announced the abnormally large tenders on the wheel.

Branch “Center of support of the production of” UZ announced 2 of the tender: UAH 1.9 billion. for the supply of forged wheels and 505 mln. for the supply of rough bandages.

The publication writes that this purchase looks astronomically, given the real state of the railway.

“First, even in the years when the railroad was released 3 thousand new freight cars, and increased the rate of repair of the existing fleet, purchases of wheels and tires; do not exceed UAH 1 billion. year.

Since last year, “Ukrzaliznytsia” has actually stopped the production of new wagons and repair of old is much slower than before.

Secondly recently the BONDS already held a similar purchase at nearly 200 million. And this amount should be enough, at least for the first half”, – stated in the material.

It is noted that the demand for wheels in this volume relevant, if UZ plans to produce 3-4 thousand new cars a year and fix the amount of repair in the financial crisis seems unrealistic.

It is also reported that over the past 2 years “Interpipe” raised the price of solid-rolled wheels for the ULTRASONIC 100% – from 16 thousand UAH. up to 30 thousand UAH. without VAT-per piece. The rise in prices against the cheapening of steel and reduction of the dollar BONDS was justified by the increased demand for wheels. But now this demand can unwind, and the railroad has no plans to reduce the price.

In the tender for $ 2 billion BONDS determined the expected cost at the level of 30 thousand UAH. without VAT for clinocerinae wheel. However, in the Russian market, where it exported the wheels of “Interpipe” JSC “Evraz” put the price of the may 68 980 rubles apiece. This is equivalent to 27 thousand UAH.

It is in Russia investigating the actions of the “Interpipe” as dumping, that means that Ukrainian producers offered lower prices than the Russian.

“From this we can conclude that in Russia, even taking into account transportation costs and customs fees, Interpipe sold wheels cheaper than the “Ukrainian Railways”.

But even after Russia closes door to Pinchuk, the price of BONDS falls on the same level 450-500$ for clinocerinae wheel,” summarizes the material.

УЗ объявила масштабные тендеры, чтобы компенсировать потери Пинчука от пошлин РФ - СМИ