Vacation improves performance and salaries

Отпуск способствует повышению работоспособности и зарплаты

Labour legislation of most countries provides for an annual vacation from work. Such rules are based on the study of human physiology and its adaptive abilities. Recent research scientists have shown that distraction from the routine and daily work responsibilities are much more useful than previously thought.

The separation from work for rest and relaxation beneficial to health, this conclusion was made by employees of the University of Texas. Studies University of southwestern medical center the University relate primarily to the practical use of maternity leave for all organs and systems of man. Distraction from all sorts of chores and tasks not only helps to change the environment and mood, but also strengthens the heart and vascular system.

Evidence base studies based on data from nearly a decade of observation of middle-aged men. It turns out that people with a large amount of annual leave, had low mortality rates, occurrences of diseases and conditions caused by an unhealthy condition of the blood vessels and heart. The lack of rest on the contrary, can provoke heart attacks and other hazards.

Also long work without interruptions and rest leads to depression, constant stress. In addition, continuous work does not lead to growth and prosperity, people are deprived of annual leave, not only less happy but also less assured, despite the efforts. No release is affected by injuries at work, the results because of carelessness due to fatigue. In order to avoid problems, as the health and General condition and security, doctors recommend periodically to relax and not to abandon the position of rest, in time recovering from problems and routine.